SHirin NYC and Savvy Auntie team up for an exclusive collection
Playing dress up just became more fun.
SHirin NYC, the eco collection of "wearable art" for women and kids, is giving a tribute to aunts all over the world by pairing up with Savvy Auntie to create two exclusive and delightful “Auntie and Me” sets.
In the creation of the matching outfits, designer Shirin Roubeni, a self proclaimed “savvy auntie” herself, has been inspired by the movement created by the queen of all aunts, Melanie Notkin, aka America’s Savvy Auntie.
“Savvy Auntie embodies the modern auntie: an independent stylish woman who loves kids”, says Shirin. “Aunties, by relation or by choice, play an important role in the lives of their nieces, as role models and friends, confidantes and mentors. They need to be celebrated!” 
The four pieces collection, that will be available exclusively at starting April 7st, features SHirin’s signature bird design in Savvy Auntie’s hot pink logo color.
It includes:
  • for the auntie: a long sleeve organic cashmere top and a v-neck sleeveless shirt that can be paired with sweet and sexy boy shorts
  • for the little girl: an airy little dress and a tank top with a ruffle that matches an adorable diaper cover.


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AuthorDaniel Hallac